High Definition: CAM-Modules from Singapore to Yekaterinburg by Airfreight


It was not long ago when we used to insert video tapes to video player and enjoyed booster movies. Nowadays it is just like watching videos on YouTupe with 240p resolution.

Change of standards and generations relates to everything, and everyone's favorite TV is no exceptions. Most of us spend part of life feeling for this "magic box" characters.

Digital Television is television image and sound broadcast using encoded video and sound signal using digital communication channels.

Now this is nothing new, we are used to receive video content in good quality. Modern technologies became routine, and are constantly improved.

Conditional access systems are one of the ways of content protection and control allowing to personify subscriptions and to provide subscriber with access to one or several services for specific time.

CAM (Conditional Access Module) is access module used in DTV access system. It works together with subscription receivers or digital tuners integrated to TV. Today most of TV sets sold in the shops and support DTV have preinstalled digital tuners, and to receive the service one has to have this module and authorization card.

In the middle of July Delivery World shipped lot of CAM-modules from Singapore to Yekaterinburg. Fragile cargo was without a doubt handled to Delivery World due to our years-long experience of carrying cargoes of any complexity, perfect reputation of reliable agent, and exceptional attention to even smallest details in airfreight arrangement. 

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