French Chic: Leather Bags from Paris by Airfreight


This year's New Year Holidays allowed Moscow citizens to fully enjoy long weekend, gorgeous decoration of the city, and all the attractions of the Moscow winter. Yet, the working days have not been cancelled, and most of the people living in Moscow are back to jobs in the new year.

New Year sales in some way help fighting post holiday season depression. Now it is the season of high discounts pleasing shopaholics and regardless the economic downturn in the country, winter collections of garments, shoes and accessories are actively sold, revealing space for spring collections. The latter start arriving to the n capital.

From year to year Delivery World performs international airfreight of garments, shoes, and accessories from Europe, Asia, and America. Every year we assist seasonable renewal of displays and assortment of the shops, boutiques, and show rooms, delivering various goods to the country.

In the beginning of January, in the mid of the New Year holidays, Delivery World professionals been working non-stop. On request of our regular customer we delivered leather bags by airfreight. The lot of quality expensive carefully produced cargo was delivered Paris (France) . Soon the consumers will enjoy the latest trends and new season novelties in Moscow shops.

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