More Is Not Less: Auto Spare Parts by Airfreight


Delivery World received several requests for airfreight of auto spare parts, components in accessories in the end of March. The first was 3 tons lot of engine mounts, gear units, air and oil filters, steer rings and parktronics delivered by airfreight for our regular customer – large auto dealer - from Seoul (South Korea) to Oslo.

The second airfreight was performed for our new customer. Upon its request we delivered 1 ton of auto spare parts from Dubai to Oslo. The cargo included body kits, headlamps, side and rear view mirrors, and accessories for salon furnishing. Airfreight of auto spare parts and components was performed complying to all formalities required for transportation of these cargos and in time. Receivers arranged customs clearance of their cargo in Oslo, and were satisfied with cooperation with our company.

When we were preparing this news, Delivery World's professionals were holding talks for the next, even larger lots of auto spare parts to be delivered by airfreight for our customers.

Delivery World is working in international auto spare parts and components airfreight market for more than 10 years. In fact, we deliver auto spare parts from anywhere in the world. Years-long experience and perfectly organized processes allow us to ensure prompt and quality airfreight.

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