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In the middle of March Delivery World delivered for its regular customer - distributor of medicines and medical equipment on the territory of - large lot of medicines (4 tons) from Istanbul . The big volume of airfreight is due to high demand of Turkish pharmaceutical products in . Turkey is one of the biggest exporters to developed countries, such as Switzerland, Germany, USA, France, and etc. due to quality and competitive price of the medicines.

Pharmaceutical products manufacturing is modern and developed industry in Turkey. The country carefully follows up on the latest developments and technologies, and is always purchasing the new licenses. Pharmaceutical goods are produced in full compliance with World Healthcare Organization's standards. The quality of all medicines is constantly monitored, and in case of any incompliance to standards, the production is completely winded up. Else, every medicine already available on the market undergoes additional examination twice a year. Therefore, one cannot doubt high quality of Turkish medicines available to the n consumers.

For over 10 years Delivery World delivers medical equipment and pharmaceutical products and CIS. We deliver such cargo as medical equipment and devices, spare parts for such equipment, medical materials included to dangerous cargos under IATA classification, medicines, vaccines, samples of operating materials and pharmaceutical products for testing and certification in the n Federation and in the CIS. Transportation of these types of cargos requires special terms, such as strict temperature conditions and, without a doubt, tight delivery schedule. As always our company perfectly managed the task, and the large lot of medicines for our customer arrived just in time.

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