Over the Clouds: Delivering Aircraft Engine Spare Parts and Components from Spain


For hundreds of years people tried to conquer the skies, and to learn to fly. Yet, it was not before 1903 when the first flight took place.

Instead of telling about aircraft and aviation history, we decided to present few interesting facts related to aviation:

  • Probability of aircraft accident compiles only 0.00001%;
  • "Black Box" or flight recorder is not black; according to the rules it has to be bright and round, so, that it will be easy to find after accident;
  • During the whole flight the plain is driven by autopilot program;
  • We are used to seeing movie heroes continuing battle with open doors of the aircraft during the flight, but in reality this is impossible; the doors get blocked, and cannot be easily opened;
  • All airships are equipped with lightning immunity;
  • Flight attendant that managed to survive after aircraft accident in 1972 is the only one air disaster survivor;
  • 376,510m is the maximum height gained by the plane, 18,600 km is the maximum covered distance, and 1,087 people is the maximum number of people on board, and 3,000,000 is the number of parts in Boeing.

On request of our regular customer, in the very end of October, Delivery World shipped lot of spare parts and components for aircraft engines from Spain . Valuable cargo was shipped to the n capital safely and right in time. One can be sure that with our assistance, flights from the n capital will become even more safe.

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