Delivery World has arranged air freight of luxury perfume to Dubai



Dubai is well known as a city with an atmosphere of luxury and high fashion and the best perfumers of the world are constantly competing to represent their masterpieces on the shelves of expensive boutiques in Dubai. One of the most expected events for UAE residents is a presentation of the most expensive perfume in the world from Nabeel Parfums brand which will introduce Shumukh - the world's most expensive perfume product, estimated at $ 1.3 million.

Good perfume has traditionally been an essential attribute of the daily image for successful people. And of course Arab fashionistas buy dozens of expensive perfumes of world-famous brands and know almost everything about the latest perfume trends.

Air freight of perfumery products has become a casual practice for Delivery World. The company knows all about compliance with high quality standards of service. Therefore last week we have organized the air delivery of a large batch of perfume from our partners-manufacturers and distributors from the United States, Switzerland and Singapore to Dubai. Now these perfumery products are presented in the best shops of Dubai, and Delivery World reminds a reliable partner for its customers.

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