Digital Technologies in the Sky and on the Earth: Delivery World on Air Cargo USA 2014


From 30 March to 1 April Orlando (Florida, USA) hosted annual Conference Air Cargo USA 2014. For the second year representatives of Delivery World take part in this event held in Mariott World Center.

E-Freight Training Workshop organized by IATA (International Air Transport Association) has been held on the first day of the Conference. The workshop was dedicated to discussion of e-Freight – the program of complete transfer to the digital documentation processing, and full refusal from paper documents. The representatives of the largest logistics and forwarding companies described their experience with this program, indicating advantages of such transformation. Representatives of Delivery World, in their turn, shared the gained experience, and mentioned significant advantages achieved since the new document processing system came to operation. Delivery World is the first n forwarder joining this program.

The Conference has been held in several sessions where the international airfreight leaders, representatives of the largest airlines and of the airports discussed with participants of the event the issues of forming effective team to provide logistics services, increasing security level in cargo transportation, airport selection and many others. Temperature control during cargo transportation by air became the topic for discussion on one of the sessions. Delivery World's professionals shared their experience of handling the cargos required special temperature conditions when carrying pharmaceutical and perishable cargos; our company delivers these kinds of goods for over 10 years.

As it usually happens on similar forums, on Air Cargo USA we established new useful acquaintances that will help us to continue our constant improvement of the international airfreight services rendered to our customers.

Delivery World is the international freight forwarder specializing in airfreight and CIS. The visit to Air Cargo USA 2041 allowed us to attend useful educational events held within the Conference's framework, to share expertise with its participants, and to establish many useful business contacts.

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