European Approach. Delivery World on the 7th International Exhibition "Air Cargo Europe 2015"


The 7th International Logistics Exhibition “Air Cargo Europe 2015” was held 5-8 May in Munich. The framework of the event included the conference under the same name - the largest conference in airfreight and logistics industry in Europe. Air Cargo Europe is recognized by the members of the global expert society as one of the key events in aviation industry both in Europe and beyond its borders.

Air Cargo Europe is held once in two years, and every next show scale exceeds the previous. This year's exposition included increased number of exhibition halls - over 2,000 participant booths representing 60 countries allocated on the space over 11,000 sq.m. The exhibition and the conference keep attracting broad attention of the industry professionals, and this year's event had exceptional number of guests amounting to over 55,000 people from 124 countries that attended Air Cargo Europe 2015.

The organizers of the exhibition state that it is aimed to provide effective ground for business promotion both for its participants and visitors. The main topic for discussion on the 7th conference became the problems and the prospective of the international cargo transportation. Interesting to note, that the exhibition was held during the time of railway employees strike in Germany. Yet, as most of the participants note the large number of the participants shows importance and necessity of Air Cargo Europe.

Delivery World as an expert in various complicity cargo airfreight is a regular guest of Air Cargo Europe. For our company participation in this exhibition is the chance to reestablish new and strengthen existing business contacts. On the show we have entered into several contracts for cargo airfreight from Germany, Austria, and Bulgaria.


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