New Way. Delivery World on Air Cargo Africa 2015 in Johannesburg


25 to 27 February Delivery World's representatives took part in the largest year's event in South Africa – Air Cargo Africa 2015. This event is held in Johannesburg and is the largest and the most well known event for all South African transportation industry. This show is held only once in two years, and this year it gathered several hundreds of international experts in the logistics industry from different countries of the world.

The main goal of the Air Cargo Africa is to provide the platform for cooperation and liaisons establishment for the logistic industry experts, as well as to develop new routes in Africa. Rapid economic development of the South African Republic and of several other African states is one of the key factors influencing constantly growing interest of the international experts to the Air Cargo Africa.

Delivery World's professionals took active part in discussion of the problems and perspectives of the transportation industry in Africa. The conference held within the framework of the show discussed the issues of development of the transportation ways on the continent, development of the new routes, and actual issues of the industry. Special attention has been given to the issue of necessity of the strategic approach to the industry's development in view of the growing instability in the international economic environment.

For 15 years Delivery World performs airfreight deliveries from African states and CIS. We arrange cargo collection even in the most remote point of the continent ensuring fast and reliable airfreight carriage. On Air Cargo Africa our professionals established new business contacts with African logistic industry representatives, and held several meetings with prospective customers and partners.

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