The Show Must Go On: Concert Acoustic System by Airfreight from Chicago


The first acoustic system was created by Paul Klipsch. The horn-type acoustic systems were the first to come into existence when the people first put his palms to his mouth to make his voice louder. No matter how simple this example is, it is the best to show how the system works. The same principle of work is used in megaphone and even in brass music instruments.

In 1930 the new methods started to be developed, and anyone aware of acoustic technologies will most likely name Klipsch company which became the author of countless inventions in acoustics. The company established by Paul Klipsch in the 1940s became recognized world wide for its works in acoustics and remains one of the leaders in acoustic systems production till now.

In the beginning of September Delivery World shipped concert acoustic systems from Chicago to Moscow. Our regular customer is finalizing customs formalities, and who knows, maybe soon you can hear the way our cargo sounds.

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