Speed test: air freight forwarding of industrial equipment from Denmark


At the beginning of May, 2013, Delivery World has finalized successfully the delivery from Copenhagen to Saint-Petersburg of industrial testing equipment. Our regular customer requested us for delivery of the lot of abrasion testers which has been used in different industries to test various kinds of production for abrasion resistance, for example, in car industry, furniture trade, in manufacturing of paint materials and polymeric coating. Abrasion testers were needed urgently, the shipment had to be delivered to the manufacture within two weeks, and the air freight forwarding had to take not more than three days. Our specialists managed with this task properly, the cargo arrived on time and has been transferred already to the end customer.

Delivery World provides services of the air freight forwarding from the states of Western Europe and CIS. Delivery of industrial cargo is one of key points of our specialization. We have  informed you earlier about delivery of industrial sterilizer from China, oil & gas equipment from the USA, raw materials and equipment for food industry from Taiwan, and about delivery of dangerous industrial cargo from Japan.
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