Training Flight. DW Shipped 3D Simulators for Flight Imitation


Flight on plane is the fastest and the most comfortable way to get anywhere in the world in few hours. Comfort and what is even more important safe flight requires the aircraft pilot to complete full training both in air and on ground.

Pilots training on aircraft simulator is one of the most important elements of ground training ensuring safe exploitation of the airplane. Such simulators allow to minimize negative impact of so-called human factor, thus allowing to illuminate mistakes of the crew.

Development digital electronics made aircraft simulators to reach level when pilot's training became more effective than on a real plane. The future pilots are trains using modern training simulators working in 3D format and giving feeling of reality. For instance, it can imitate flights under different weather conditions such as snow, rain, strong wind, and over force circumstances that may occur during take over and landing.

Such simulators are used everywhere - by big international companies for civil air flights, private companies training private pilots, and by air forces to train its staff.

In June Delivery World (one of the leaders in airfreight of all types of cargo) shipped 3D Simulators for flight imitation from Geneva (Switzerland) to Milan. 

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