Plush World: Delivering Soft Toys from Paris


Holiday season is over but the reasons for gifts are always available. Birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, just days when one wants to make the close ones and oneself happy, and the toys are always the most popular presents. If for example toy cars and dolls are of interest in specific age, the soft plush animals make everyone happy.

Buying soft toys made in Europe, the buyer shouldn’t worry for quality. To get on EU market the manufacturer has to provide multiple documents containing information on the age of the kid the toy is designated for, materials specifications, description of technological production process, and much more. After careful investigation of all the data provided, the toys receive quality and safety certificate.

One of the recognized European manufacturers of the soft toys is France. Long history, unique design, outstanding quality, and usage of only ecologically soft materials in production, all this mark French toys among other producing states.

Before the Valentine's Day Delivery World performed international airfreight delivery of the large lot of the soft toys from Paris (France) .In the end of January we received request from our regular customer, and promptly, within the shortest timelines delivered the freight by air. Soon these soft toys will be available in n shops to make the kids and adults happy.

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