Cheerful and Domestic: delivery of interior items from Germany to UAE


In the middle of the February, our company received an order for air freight forwarding from Germany to UAE of the singular interior items: it was individually made china statuettes of different sizes – from small ‘chimneypiece’ to floor nearly heroic statuettes. These amazing pieces of decoration demanded special conditions of transportation as fragile and valuable goods: special packing and instructions. Each statuette was packed into individual shock-proof case with special filler. And we made detailed instructions including each stage of transportation: vendor warehouse – warehouse of temporary storage in airports of delivery and destination – flight – door-to-door service.

The cargo was for the interior showroom in Dubai, and we have forwarded it from German town Schifweiler to Dubai safely and on time. By courtesy of the owners of interior showroom we made some photos of these miraculous pieces of art, very vivid and full of vital energy.

These are some of them:

01st.jpg 02st.jpg 03st.jpg

04st.jpg 05st.jpg 06st.jpg

Our company delivers cargoes from Germany , CIS and worldwide on a regular basis. We provide services of professional air freight forwarding of different kinds of goods, including valuable, dangerous, perishable etc. You may learn more about it here
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