Enjoy Communicating! Smartphones from Dubai and Singapore



Once again in this month Delivery World shipped several lots of the latest smartphones models from Dubai to Baku and to Vienna from Singapore. We have been shipping smartphones and its parts for many years. During this time we have built strong and trustful relations with our customers. We always follow novelties of the market, and attend international shows to get acquainted with the latest trends in the world of technologies. Today we will briefly tell about new smartphones that we delivered.

iOS and Android remain market leaders followed by all others. Apple systems are considered the most delicate and integrated, yet Android has more advantages as you can chose from several brands such as Sony or Samsung. Microsoft Windows is also available as OS for smartphones, but such phones are rarely met, and are known for absence of many applications. Most of the phones now can be charged using microUSB cable. For many phones standard type of the charger has been replaced with USB-C therefore your old charging devices do not match your new phone. Apple uses another type of connection through Lightning port, that adjusts power and audio, and the latest IPhone models do not have headset slot. Security specifications on the most phones including models operating on OS Microsoft include fingerprint scanners for unlocking, and virtual wallet for such systems as ApplePay and AndroidPay.

The latest Apple iPhone 7 Plus is known for attractive double 12MP camera, that makes one forget about difficulties in installing optical zoom on slim phone. It also has wide angle lens for landscapes, and telephotography mode for portraits. The phone is water resistant, fast working, and has long living battery that exceeds the one of iPhone 6s Plus for an hour, and can work for whole day. 5.5' display differing from standard versions (even 4.7' version is still available) became another advantage of the phone. The phone comes together with headset connected through Lightning slots, but it does not include Air Pods, and wireless model will cost around Rub 1,000 (aboutUSD 18).

5.7' display that is a bit shorter and less wide compared to iPhone 7 Plus is one of the differences of Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The phone is equipped with the Iris Scanner allowing to unlock it with a sight.S Pen stylus is located in the bottom corner, and is perfectly suited for various additional options, such as writing various necessary information. LG G5 is the latest LG flagman, and it can be really called unique. It is totally new model, and now one can remove the bottom panel of the body to replace battery, and to replace the body for stronger to take photos or to connect adaptor for better quality of music. It is also equipped with 16MP camera with two objectives: wide scale and second forportraits. This smartphone is equipped with 5.3' screen, showing time just like Samsung displays.

The novelties also include Microsoft Lumia 950, HTC 10, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, iPhone 7, Honor 8, Huawei P9, and Sony Xperia XZ that will be available for sale after 18 October, and will become the lightest Sony smartphone.

Delivery World wishes you not to get lost in smartphone novelties, and have joyful communication!

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