Vest in Beautiful: Delivery World Brings Japanese Fabrics From Tokyo



Japanese fabric is known with its unique properties, it combines all advantages of natural, comfort, "breathing", and artificial textiles.Japanese fabrics don't , are easy to wash, have gorgeous colors, that do not run off or fade. Japanese fabrics have different structure, and look like natural silk, wool, linen, and etc. This properties are achieved due to high Japanese technologies that have been improved by Japanese for centuries.

Weaving was known in the country of the rising sun already in Yayoy Period (3rd century B.C. – 3rd century AD). In that time Japanese knew how to process linen and cannabis. By 200 the Chinese silk weavers shared their secrets with Japanese. So, even the first fabrics were of the utmost quality.

Hard to believe, the fabrics made before 622 remained safe till today. For example, the embroidered flag with Prince Setoku image is still safe due to care of the Tugudzi Monastery monks, and parts of samite and silk with ornaments made in Asuka Period are still kept in Horudzi Temple.

Production of embroidered Buddhist flags with five color shades continued in the 8th century. The goods made in that time are rich and plenteous. The decree issued in 904 (the Heiyan Period) facilitated further development of textile art; silk and cannabis garments could be used to pay taxes. Japanese weaving kept developing, and created its unique style.

Nowadays combination of exceptional taste with high technologies gave birth to the unique Japanese fabric, called Soalon, known as the "fabric of beauty". Exceptional properties of this fabric made it recognized by luxury brands all over the world (such as Prada, Armani, MaxMara, and others). Soalon is used by the leading premium class garments manufacturers as the high quality fabric perfectly suiting any design: it perfectly folds, keeps shape and volume, is easy for production and further usage. The fabric combines properties of natural materials such as gloss, softness, silkiness, comfortable wear, splendor and purity, as well as reliability and comfort of syntetics, achieved through high technologies: it is crease-resistant, easy to wash without losing shape, absorbs humid, and dries fast, preserves the warmth, has even antibacterial and anti-odor properties, and is resistant to static. Soalon is polysynthetic fabric that contains special process cellulose of tropical trees, structured fiber withaddition of chitosan (that gives antibacterial properties and enables odor prevention), and other ecological additives. This material can have totally different looks, structure and colors based on the types of fiber: satin or crepe silk, crepe satin, gabardine, and others.

All this properties are ensured by Know-How of Mitsubishi Rayon, the only supplier of Soalon in the world. The company produce limited quantity of this fabric, works only with regional dealers, and does not sell raw material.

In the middle of April Delivery World shipped lot of the fabric from Tokyo . We hope that Japanese fabrics that combine exceptional taste with high production technologies will inspire many designers for creation of new stunning and comfortable looks.

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