Such a Bad Weather. Rain detectors Delivered from Italy by International Airfreight


Global warming and abnormally warm humid seasons regularly observed for the last decades do not allow people to lead normal lifestyle and work. Snow, rain and dirt have most effect on safe driving. The drivers have to turn on and off glass cleaners, regulate intensity of its work, close windows and sunroofs, and all this takes driver's attention away from the road, and threatens his life, the lives of the passengers, and the lives of the other traffic participants. That's why many of the automobile industry manufacturers gave many effort to develop special systems that could make those processes automatic. So, the rain detectors were developed. Till now similar devices were installed only to luxury vehicles manufactured abroad.

Nowadays most of the cars are equipped with automotive systems controlling and regulating the work of glass cleaners. Yet, intensive usage of this equipment leads to necessity to replace its components from time to time. Any car owner can install the device to its vehicle or refer to the service center and get prompt assistance if it broke. The detectors are installed inside the vehicle, on the front window of the car. Infrared ray scans the condition of the front glass. The device automatically reacts to the volume of light reflected from the glass surface, and, respectively regulates the work of the glass cleaners, activates glass cleaners if the glass gets wet or dirty.

In December Delivery World performed international airfreight delivery of the lot of the rain detectors for the automobiles from Milan (Italy) . The delivery was performed with strict compliance to all international rules for transporting electronic equipment and within the shortest time. Soon this devices will be available for sale on the n market.

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