Oriental Mist. Delivering Perfumes from Dubai to Sochi


Perfumes are very special in the Arab world. People that have visited Arab countries know, that perfumes of all types are sold nearly everywhere. Its popularity is related both to hot weather and even to religious views of the nationals.

Usage of perfume is even guided by Islam. For instance men can only wear scents that do not attract attention of women, and do not provoke aggression and anger. Women cannot use perfume only athome and if surrounded by men (except so-called "mahhrams", in brief meaning husbands, sons and men that cannot get married to her). Nevertheless there is a kind of "fully permited" scent called Bahur, it is used to scent the house, and smoking bakhour vases can be seen across shopping malls, in premises before important events.

Such great love to perfume lead to necessity of establishing own production in the UAE. With large scale common for Emiratis the enterprises were established in the country, obtained licenses from the leading world perfume manufacturers, and started to produce popular perfumes which quality can compete with the originals. No doubt, that of course UAE is famous for Arabic scents, mostly made as mixture of oils and Oud. We told about this exceptional oil before ( Such UAE manufacturers like Rasasi, Swiss Arabian Perfumes, Hind Al Oud, Yas Perfumes are known all over the world, and some Arabic perfumes are among world's most expensive scents.

People say that any Arabic perfume has luxury note. Indeed, its strong aroma can last up to 24 hours without fading, and can be scented if the bearer just walked by.

It is not the first time we are telling of perfume delivery from Arab Emirates . Again this time on request of our regular customer in the end of September Delivery World shipped large lot of perfume from Dubai to Sochi. Carriage of the goods of the kind requires exceptional execution, therefore the customer's choice falls on Delivery World again and again. We value trust of our customers, and hope that oriental luxury will beloved by Krasnodar Krai residents.

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