Dimensional: 3D Printer from Abu Dhabi by Air


While many believe 3D Printer to be rather recent invention, its concept lays back to 1980s. it was first introduced back in the year 1984 by Chuck Hull. This inventor came up with stereolithography, which uses ultraviolet lasers to solidify photopolymers.

In the following year, Fried Vancraen started making his own non-computer fused deposition modelling (FDM) prototypes, which became the foundation of the 3D printers we all know of in the present. The same man also founded Materialise, one of the first 3D printing firms in the world, five years later.

Additive manufacturing, known as 3D printing, involves taking a digital model of the subject to create a new tangible version of said object by printing it out using appropriate materials. For this reason, 3D printers became essential tools in the field of science. Despite of existing limitations, 3D printing represents vital part of modern medicine.

In the end of December Delivery World shipped 3D printer from Abu Dhabi. Fragile and expensive cargo can only be handled by real expert of the field. That’s why our regular customer again chose Delivery World as its trusted agent. Years of experience, utmost professionalism and exceptional care for every details serves guarantee that even the most fragile cargo will always reach its destination safely and in time.

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