Modern Marvels: Smartphones from Dubai and Singapore


The Oxford dictionary defines a smartphone as a “mobile phone that also has some of the functions of a small computer.” That typically means the ability to check your email, browse websites, and use software that require the internet.

Where cell phones gave us the ability to call and text without a physical phone line, smartphones provide us with full online access and much richer functionality.

What is considered smartphone now was first presented by IBM in 1992 and was called IBM Simon Personal Communicator. Unlike previous generations of cell phones it contained features like the ability to send and receive emails, and a touch screen. It also came with built-in programs including:


Address book

Appointment scheduler

Standard and predictive stylus input keyboards

Electronic notepad

Handwritten annotations

Wireless devices have forever changed the means we use to keep in touch, work, and stay entertained. Our cannot live without devices today are result of decades of innovation. Even though one could be connected, available and easily live full life without smartphone, nobody wants to do it today.

In the beginning of September Delivery World shipped several lots of smartphones from Dubai and Singapore. The customer is completing customs processing, and soon the delivered devices will be presented for sale.

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