Where Bright Minds Gather: Delivery World on GITEX 2022


ead13b76b544eebf8cd4d74cb1fafbfe.jpg"Bright minds gathered in Dubai, where the journey to the future begins,"

Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum said.

GITEX 2022 with over 138,000 visitors and over 5,000 exhibitors has become the largest event in its history. Being one of the world’s priority meeting places for the technology industry; bringing together thought-leaders, creators, innovators and makers to discuss, debate and challenge new ideology, showcase new products and identify future opportunities.

Meta universe and immersion became the main trend this year. One of the most valuable events in the world showcasing the latest word in technology, information, communication and progress where the world leading hi-tech businesses speak to the public and share their expertise. It remains exceptional grounds where not only technologies but most of the global businesses meet, and discuss matters of utmost importance including logistics.

Of course, Delivery World could not miss this exceptional opportunity to dive into exciting world of new technologies. Our representatives attended the event, met our existing partners and customers, and some of the cargos shipped under the new contracts concluded at GITEX 2022 were already delivered to destinations across the Globe.

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