There is Time for All Things: Delivery World on Moscow Hobby Expo 2014


The 5th Moscow Hobby Expo 2014 has been held from 11 to 13 April 2014. This year's even gathered over 50 companies from , Ukraine, Holland, Japan, Germany, Israel, USA, Italy, China, and other countries, presenting the unique ideas for hobby selection to the public. The event becomes of more interests both to the visitors and those willing to participate each year.

In the beginning of April Delivery World delivered samples for modeling and construction from USA Hobby Expo 2014 on request of our customer, distributing these kind of goods in . We delivered samples for modeling vessels, trains, air and motor transport, electric carts and skates, exact copies of the models of the military equipment, and many others from Los Angeles .

Delivery World representatives attended Moscow Hobby Expo, had a chance to personally enjoy the displayed exhibition, and were pleasantly surprised with the diverse program of the event: master classes, seminars, shows, competitions and exhibition performances. During this event we held several meetings with our customers, and established new business contacts. On Moscow Hobby Expo our services gained interests of several companies supplying sets for modeling and construction that need fast and reliable airfreight of similar cargos to Moscow.

Delivery World works with international airfreight for over 10 years. Using our company's services you can be sure that airfreight will be timely and smooth. 

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