The Treasures of Rajas. Airfreight of the Precious Stone Jewelry from Bangkok


The European minds have been excited with the secrets and bespoken treasures of the East. From Asia the merchants brought spices, silk, and precious stones that were rare in Europe, and formed the base for the legends of incredible wealth of the Oriental states. Till now, the most known jewelry of royal and noble families of Europe is decorated with giant rubies, diamonds and sapphires brought from India, Bangladesh, and Thailand.

It is believed that the precious stones have different properties starting from positive influence on body to magic. There are legends and sometimes curses related to them. Yet, people do not stop to adore the beauty of the perfectly shaped stone.

The Asian Region remains the world's center for precious stone trade even today. The biggest and the most famous jewelry market is located in Chanthabury (Thailand); it is the place where the precious stones from all over Asia and Africa are repurchased, purchased and shaped. From old times the town is famous with rich stock of sapphires and rubies that could be found lying along the river bank. Even though the treasure stocks turned to be running out, the town gained the fame of the jewelry center that receives now unprocessed stones from India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Cambodia, and etc.

This month airfreight forwarding company Delivery World performed airfreight delivery of jewelry with precious stones from Thailand. It arrived from Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. The goods were delivered within the shortest timelines, and soon the Asian treasures will be available for n jewelry lovers.

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