Blue Magic: Butterfly Pea Tea from Bangkok


Known for their brilliant blue hue, earthy flavor, and health benefits, butterfly pea flowers are commonly used to brew a herbal tea called blue pea tea.

Also known as blue pea or Asian pigeonwings, butterfly pea is native to South and Southeast Asia, where it's praised for its health benefits in traditional Ayurvedic medicine.

Butterfly pea flowers are traditionally used to brew a delicate blue tea and as a natural food colorant for rice dishes and desserts.

The wonderful flowers have a striking blue color because of the high concentration of blue-violet pigments called anthocyanins — just like the ones that make blueberries blue!

These blue pigments are powerful antioxidants responsible for the many health benefits of these exotic flowers: aid in weight loss, better blood sugar control, and healthier skin and hair.

In the end of December Delivery World shipped batch of the butterfly pea tea from Bangkok. Customs proceedings are almost completed, and who knows maybe this cargo will help you to achieve your beauty and health goals set for the new year.

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