Filigree Airfeight: Jewelry from Lisbon


Portugal is a country with centuries-old traditions in the art of Portuguese Jewelry, has a rich heritage of jewelry of timeless beauty.

The gems coming from the East as in the XV century and later in the XVIII century the great affluence of gold, diamonds, precious and semiprecious stones coming from Brazil, enriched the metropolis leading to the nobility and other prospering classes looking for luxury jewels as a way of wealth ostentation, social status, and either as a form of hoarding.

This abundance of metals and precious stones and the valorization of the jewels, led to the creation of great masters of jewelry which revolutionized the concept and techniques of jewelry made from the end of the XVIII century to the early XIX century, placing Portugal in a prominent position in the panorama of the Europe production of jewelry.

Carefully preserved traditions of crafting combined with modern technologies and designs made Portuguese jewelry unique and remarkable. It is valued for quality materials and sophisticated craftmanship all over the world.

In the end of October Delivery World shipped quality jewelry from Portugal. Luxury valued cargo safely reached its destination, and after release from customs will be available for sale in dedicated showrooms.

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