Forever Spring Fest. Visit to the IV International Exhibition FlowerExpo 2014


17-19 September Moscow hosted the 4th International Exhibition FlowerExpo 2014. Exhibition was divided to dedicated sections – flowers and plants, equipment and technologies, flower business and logistics, floristics and design, garden and leisure, landscape and ecology. Holland, Columbia, Ecuador – the main flower market players – presented large and colorful expositions. The companies from Israel, United Arab Emirates, Kenia, Ethiopia, USA had gorgeous booths as well. It was the first time for florists from Denmark and Japan to present the national collections. For three days they shared experienced, offered various goods and services for the sector’s global development, and raised important and actual issues in of flower and gardening industry.

Delivery World’s professionals attended FlowerExpo show, got acknowledged with displayed samples and innovative technologies of the flower sector, and hold business talks with existing and potential customers – the companies supplying flower products and CIS.

Flower industry development in the world cannot be imagined without airfreight. Our company provides international airfreight services for flowers and plants to and CIS. We know what it takes to deliver live flowers from one point of the world to another: this process requires observing suitable weather and humidity conditions, and, without a doubt, the shortest delivery timelines for airfreight; the flowers are demanding and damageable goods.

On the show Delivery World’s professionals met our regular customers – flowers suppliers and distributors held several meetings with new clients, and formed grounds to conclude new contracts for international airfreight delivery of the flowers, landscape decor and design from abroad.

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