Following the n President. Attending China International Logistics Expo


Almost in the same time with the n President's visit to China representatives of Delivery World attended China International Logistics Expo (CILE), which was held from 21 to 23 May in Beijing. The relatively new event had already established itself as the one of the most reputable shows among logistics professionals not only in China but in the South-West Asia in whole.

Nowadays China is the leading exporter in the world, firmly holding its positions. The assortment of the goods produced in and exported from China is incredibly large; the leading positions belong to industrial and consumer electronics, apparel and textiles, machine building and medical equipment. Delivery World ships all these types of goods on regular basis.

China International Logistics Expo allowed us to communicate directly with the suppliers and the distributors of the Chinese production. International airfreight is exclusive specialization of Delivery World. It is the most fast and reliable way to deliver specific types of the goods. The show's participants expressed interest in our services, and our visit to CILE brought us new contracts with new customers.

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