Fine Free: Radar Detectors from Shenzhen


A radar system can be used to detect an object's location and speed. The system works using a transmitter, a transmitting and receiving antenna (sometimes these are two separate antennae, but often only one will be used for both roles), and a processor. First, a pulse of electromagnetic radiation, normally radio or microwaves, is sent from the radar system. If the pulse reaches a solid object, it will reflect off the object. This reflected wave is then detected by the receiving antenna and processed giving the user information about the object's location and speed.

Heinrich Hertz found that radio waves could be reflected off solid objects in 1886 and German physicist Christian Hülsmeyer was the first person to develop a system that could use radio waves to detect solid objects. In 1934 at the start of the Second World War, there were rumors that the Germans were creating a death ray. Robert Alexander Watson-Watt was asked to investigate the feasibility of such an idea. He calculated it would be impossible to create ray that could destroy anything, but it prompted him to think about other uses for radio waves. He created the first workable detection system using radio waves in 1935.

This system was rolled out all along the British coast, allowing the British military to have early warning of any incoming enemy bombers.

A lot has changed since that time, and today radar detectors are used not only for military purposes. Radars are used to control and maintain traffic, and radar detectors are used by drivers to avoid traffic fines. The device became so popular, that it is often called speed demon.

In the middle of July Delivery World shipped lot of radar detectors from Shenzhen. Fragile cargo requires utmost care, and can only be handled by real professional agent. That’s why the choice of our customer for over decade remains with Delivery World. Perfectly set processes, decades of experience and true expertise allow Delivery World to maintain its leading positions in handling any types of cargos and delivering them across the Globe.

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