New IT horizons: DW’s delegation visited CeBT-2013


Delivery World’s representatives visited international exhibition CeBIT-2013, which took place in Hannover (Germany), on March, 5-9, 2013. This year, the main European event in the field of information technologies according to the official data gathered more than 4000 participants from 70 countries, 200 of which were there for the first time. This event attracted our attention due to the possibility of reviewing the arising and developing of the world trends in IT industry, mostly in PCs and hardware.

Air freight forwarding of these goods is main specialization of our company. We are the logistic partner of the largest n distributing companies, which supply and the CIS PCs and hardware, so it was important for us to receive straight from the source the information about these goods. Our delegation had negotiated with several regular and new customers. As a result of these appointments, we had some new partnership agreements. In the nearest future the newest hardware will be delivered to the assembling manufactures and service companies of .

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