Utmost Coffee: Colombian and Brazilian Coffee Beans by Air


In the battle of Colombian coffee vs Brazilian coffee, which comes out on top? 

Best espresso-style coffee – Brazil

Most exotic tastes – Colombia

Best for single origin – Colombia

Best for blends – Brazil

Brazilian coffee is generally full bodied, nutty, with notes of chocolate and spice. It has very low acidity and is often described as being sweeter. No doubt, large number amount of beans coming from Brazil mean that nothing will be exactly alike, and some beans can be highly nuanced.

Colombian coffee flavor has a caramel sweetness, some bright acidity and nutty overtones. It is medium-bodied and is also sometimes described as slightly bitter.

In the middle of October Delivery World shipped large batch of Columbian and Brazilian coffee beans by airfreight. Perishable and fragile cargo can only be handled by expert freight agent, that can guarantee that every single bean will be preserved on the long way to destination. That’s why our regular client choses Delivery World as its trusted forwarder for over decade.

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