Wedding Fuss: Delivering Wedding Dresses from Milan and New York


Most ladies dream of gorgeous wedding gowns from early years. No doubt, many traditions, believes, and interesting facts are related to this dresses.

Traditional white dress became fashion only in the end of the 19th century after Queen Victoria's wedding. Before that n brides wore red, pink or blue gowns, Asians got married in red, Irish in green, and dresses in Europe were blue and sometimes black. So, recent fashion for red wedding dresses is not new trend at all.

Of course dream-dress cannot be cheap, the price of the most expensive wedding dresses decorated with gem stones, diamonds and pearls reached 8 ad 12 million Dollars. Princess Diana got married in 115,000 Dollars dress decorated with 10000 pearls and 7.5 m long tail.

The dress with the longest 200 meter tail was made in China, it took over 3 hours for the guests to spread the tail and to decorate it with 9,999 roses.

Coco Chanel introduced not only little black dresses, but brought short wedding dresses into fashion. The dresses were over knee long and showed the legs. Coco believed that the wedding gown should not hinder movement, and cover bride's beauty.

Of course the best wedding dresses can be found in the world fashion centers. This time our regular customer entrusted delivery of this exceptional cargo from New York and Milan to Delivery World. The goods were delivered in the middle of April safely and in time, and shortly will be presented in the best bridal salons of Moscow. 

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