Typhoon Hits South China Leading to Over 400 Flights Cancellation


Over 400 flights cancelled in the two airports in the South Island Province Hainan; schools are closed in the cities and settlements due to Mangkhut Typhoon, reports Sinhua Agency on 15 September.

Meteorologists say Mangkhut to become the strongest typhoon in China in 2018. It is supposed to hit Guandun province in the afternoon on September 16 bringing storm winds reaching 50 m/s. Heavy rains have already started in Hainan.

Airlines notified the passangers on flights cancellations in the areas hit by the bad weather, namely in the Haikou and Sanya airports. Currently there are no reports on the passengers stucked in the airports. All the flgihts from Shenzhen airport in Guangzhou province have been calncelled till 8:00 AM local time of the 17 September.

According to News Agency IA Regnum Mangkhut typhoon in China was assigned the highest 'red' level of danger, leading to cancellation of railroad, ferry line and air communication suspension.

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