Restrictions or additional opportunities? Charter flights in the fight against coronavirus


Today, information about coronavirus and pandemic occupies the front pages of newspapers all around the world and almost the entire space of the Internet. The disease is spreading very quickly but solutions how to fight virus have not been found yet.

Protective masks and respirators help to build the primary barrier; they are one of the most common methods of protection against viral infection. Despite the relative technological simplicity of the design, masks can prevent the virus from entering the human body. It is critical to identify the virus carriers on time to isolate sick people and prevent transmission of the disease to healthy people and around them.


In this regard, Delivery World continues to receive an increasing number of orders for the transportation of medical diagnostic equipment and other tools that are actively helping in the fight against coronavirus pandemic.

For example, during the first half of April, Delivery World organized 17 Charter flights from Europe and China with laboratory microscopes, automatic dosing stations, medical masks, respirators, protective coveralls to fight against coronavirus.

In the current emergency conditions, the preservation and development of existing international air supply chains according to all security measures is one of the primary tasks for all logistics companies. Trusting your shipment to Delivery World, you can be sure that our company always meets all the necessary requirements to ensure that the shipment will be quickly delivered to the receiver.

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