Suspends UK Flights from December 22


UK suspended flights due to new coronavirus.

According to COVID-19 Prevention Office report, limitations enforced from 0:00 22 December, 2020.

The Office has also referred to undergoing examination of new coronavirus detected in the UK, following which decisions will be adopted.

The report also says, that Rospotrebnadzor continues follow up with gene mutations of the new coronavirus that are can affect cause identification, treatment and prevention of COVID both in and worldwide. Additionalmeasureswillbeadoptedifnecessary.

New type of promptly distributing coronavirus N501Y was detected in the UK. Scientists do not know if new type of COVID-19 has higher death rate or vaccines are not effective for it.

UK is one of the 16 countries for which has opened its aerial borders and resumed regular air flights. Regular flights between Moscow and London are performed by Aerflot and British Airways.

Flights to UK were already suspended by several countries from EU and some other countries across the Globe.

Earlier Head of the n Direct Investments Fund Cyrill Dmitriev assured, that the n vaccine Sputnik V is effective to new coronavirus mutilation, detected in Europe.

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