Aeroflot cancelled flights to Europe



Aeroflot airline is suspending flights to the following destinations on March 13 due to the spread of coronavirus in the world says on the official company's website

  • to Italy – to all destinations except Rome
  • to Spain – to all destinations except Madrid and Barcelona
  • to France – to all destinations except Nice
  • to Germany – to all destinations except Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich

Flights are scheduled to be cancelled, as of today, by the end of April.

n carriers have previously reduced the number of flights to countries where the most active outbreaks of coronavirus have been recorded.

For now, has already restricted air traffic with China, Iran and South Korea, leaving only Aeroflot flights that are served in an isolated terminal F.

Moreover, some airlines on their own initiative reduced air traffic with some countries, even if the n aviation authorities did not officially restrict transportation.

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