We are for Safety! Life Vests from Oslo


Safety on water matters in any time of the year regardless the holiday season and geographic location. Life vests and rings should be available on any vessel, despite its size and usage. Life west is aimed to support person on water. Usually it is colored with bright orange, and is designed as west, jacket or belt. Life west is filled either with air or foam, and its main purpose is to allocate the swimmer's breathing organs at least 12 cm above the water, without any active movements of hands or feet. SOLAS (the International Convention on human life safety on sea) sets several requirements to life vests, such as:

- it should not support burning;

- it has to be designed in a manner that after demonstration one can wear it within not more than 1 minute;

- it has to be comfortable to wear, and can be dressed inside out, or it has to be obvious that it can be dressed only in one side, excluding possibility of wrong wear;

- it can be used to jump into the water at least from 4.5m height without body injuries, its movement or damage.

Life west should have floatability and steadiness in still fresh water to support the mouth of unconscious person at least 120 mm above the water so, that the body will be located not less than 20° and not more than 50° of its vertical position. It should be also possible to turn the body of unconscious person in water from any position to such where his mouth remains above the water for not longer than 5 seconds. Floatability of life west should not reduce over 5% after its placement in fresh water for 24hours.

In general life west should allow to cross short distance and to get inside boat. It should be also equipped with whistle wired to the vest.

Inflated vest should have at least two separate cameras, inflate automatically in water, be equipped with inflating device activated manually by single movement, and it should be also possible to inflate it using mouth.

The life vests used in water sports apart of life saving functions should not disturb sportsmen movements, therefore such vests are lighter, not equipped with automatic inflation systems, whistles and lights, but have additional properties depending on type of sports. For examples, water tourism uses vests that can not only support human on still water, but on the waves, and are often equipped with the loop used by getting one sportsman out of the water by another.

This month Delivery World shipped lot of life vests from Oslo . In our work we follow every single requirement to safety in airfreight, and advice all our friends and partners to follow safety rules in everything they do.

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