Print Out: Printers from Hong Kong by Airfreight


It is considered that history of printers started in 1822 when mathematician Charles Babbadge started developing computer printing machine. He believed that the devices will be widely used in banking, engineering and other industries.

Charles Babbadge started works for creation of designed machine in 1834, but did not complete it. 150 years later employees of the British Museum of Science decided to create Charles Babbadge printing machine using available drawings. It turned out that the device was operational, and could perform simple calculations and print it on paper. Yet, the machine weighted several tons, and consisted of thousand parts.

Real printer history started in the mid of the last century following creation of first digital computers when calculation results required output on paper for further processing. Typing machines were used for this purpose and required large number of typewriters for that purpose. In 1053 Remington-Rand created first printing device Uniprinter that looked like and worked as typing machine of larger size.

Matrix, inkjet, laser and even 3D printers that allow dimensional printing, and are even able to make a car with rolling wheels from polymer materials appeared later.

In the beginning of July Delivery World shipped large lot of printers from Hong Kong . Fragile high-tech cargo arrived to the n capital safely and in time. The Customer is completing customs processing of the cargo, and shortly the printers shipped by Delivery World will be available for sale in the n shops.

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