IATA Updated Lithium Batteries Carriage Regulations


IATA has released an updated Guidelines for Lithium Batteries Carriage to assist shippers in understanding requirements related to the transport of lithium batteries.

The airline association said the guidance document includes updated and additional FAQs for shippers to learn how to comply with dangerous good regulations.

In brief updates included:

safety risk assessment became mandatory for dangerous goods, which includes lithium batteries,

allowed both rectangular or square marks with specific dimensions including reduced size,

provision permitting for a combined statement where the air waybill includes packages from multiple packing instructions,

revision of packing requirements,

prohibition pertaining to damaged lithium batteries and bringing it in compliance with the UN text,

assessment and training of staff requirements,

requirements for personal use carriage of lithium batteries,

some amendments to wording of the document across the text.

For more details refer to Lithium Battery Guidance Document

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