Filling with Energy. External Batteries for Smartphones by International Airfreight


Nowadays people don’t put new fashion gadgets out of the hands; they use it to store important information, use it for calls, diaries, means of health monitoring, play stations, radio and TV, digital libraries, navigators – in other words it is integral part of one’s life.

Obviously such active smartphone usage leads to short life of the batteries feeding it with energy, and the socket where it can be charged is not always available. That’s why lately demand for external batteries keeps growing lately. Once the screen of the favorite device turns black consuming the last energy of the inner battery the user can use external battery simply plugging it to the device. It will provide uninterrupted work of the equipment, and, thus, regardless where the user is he will remain available, and won’t have to stop his activities.

In September Delivery World performed international airfreight delivery of portable external batteries for smartphones from Los Angeles (USA) . The delivered lot is known to have high power batteries allowing to charge up to three devices in same time – smartphone, tablet and music player. Rules for International Airfreight classify the batteries as dangerous cargo, yet, it has been shipped safely without any difficulties.

Electronics and accessories are the leaders among all cargos we deliver by international airfreight. Delivery World faces no problems shipping all types of cargos, including dangerous, for over 10 years.

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