On the Border of Two Continents: attending Cargo Week Americas


Delivery World’s experts attended Cargo Week Americas (Expo Carga) which was held from 3 to 5 June in Mexico City, the capital of Mexico. The leading exhibition in logistics and international cargo transportation in the Latin America Region attracted representatives from more than 30 countries of the world. Mexico is the large and important cargo distribution business unit connecting South and North Americas, as well as globally recognized manufacturing center for apparel, electronics, automobiles and and auto spare parts, pharmaceutics, and etc.

The framework of the show included five large forums; one of the forums was dedicated to international airfreight of perishable and medical goods. Representatives of Delivery World took active part in this event and shared their own considerable experience of delivering the similar items by airfreight for long distance from the North and South Americas, had a lot new to learn from the other participants of the forum.

The leading specialists in cargo transportation shared their experience and solutions they consider the best, told about business process establishment strategies, and discussed the latest novelties and trends of the international cargo transportation industry on the conferences and the seminars held within the exhibition program.  

Delivery World regularly delivers cargos from Latin America by airfreight, therefore the visit to Cargo Week Americas was of strategic importance to us. We carefully studied all novelties, innovations and technologies presented on the show to further improve our services.

The exhibition provided Delivery World’s representatives with the perfect opportunity to negotiate with the largest global trading and transportation companies, to establish business relations with them, and to develop new ways of cooperation.

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