Delivery World Exploring Future Opportunities at International CES-2014


Representatives of Delivery World attended the International Consumer Electronics Show the International CES-2014 which was held from 7 to 10 January in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. This event organized by Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) is globally recognized show the first exhibiting new innovation concepts of digital technologies. CES sets goals for this industry both in USA and worldwide, always attracting interest of the leading digital goods manufacturers and of consumer market.

It took four days for Delivery World's representatives to get familiar with the exhibition, occupying over 200 thousand sq. meters, and to attend conferences and forums discussing the latest trends in consumer and professional electronics.

Delivery World is interested in close cooperation with the leading manufacturers and distributors of digital goods. CES turned to be more than just fruitful for Delivery World; our services gained interest of the large and medium manufacturers.

Having held several successful talks Delivery World signed airfreight contracts for carriage of high-tech cargos, such as TV/HDTV, and photo equipment, security systems, satellite television equipment, and Internet, and digital consumer electronics.


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