The Gadgets of the Gadgets: Delivery World on CES 2018


Consumer Electronics Show is the biggest and probably the most prominent consumer electronics show in the world. Held in Las Vegas in the first half of each new year it displays novelties of all types of electronic devices from all over the world, gathers thousands of visitors and experts. This year's show was held from 9 to 12 January, and Delivery World's presence on this event was out of question.

CES 2018 referred in mass media as "the gadgety goodness" and "the gadgets extravaganza" not only displayed the hottest novelties of the digital market from solar powered smart watches, and smartphones to rollable TVs and self-driving cars, and related awards ceremonies, to plenty of business talks developer and science seminars and discussions.

The exhibits presented on the show makes one feel like the future is already here. We know, we said it before when told about our earlier CES experience, but every CES is breathtaking indeed. Here are just few of nearly magic exhibits displayed on CES: magic mirror that keeps track of your wardrobe, comments on your face, body and helps you to virtually match the outfits, LG's 46' rollable TV, My Special Aflac therapy duck is a robot especially designed for the children undergoing cancer treatment and aimed to assist them in expressing their emotions, robotic pillow that replicates the snuggle and the feeling of sleeping next to another human, the headset that is claimed to help its user to feel less hunger and lose weight by reaching specific areas of brain, Magik toothbrush turning routine hygiene process to real fun game and teaching kids to take proper care of the teeth, and of course robots, drones, cameras, smartphones, lightest laptops, and much more including hi-tech toilet that can provide exceptional care and comfort to its user and silver-padded underwear protecting its owner from mobile and WiFi radiation (designed for men only).

No doubt Delivery World's representatives were as excited as all other visitors of this digital wonder. Nevertheless, our experts took part in the business discussions related to logistics and freight forwarding, met existing customers and partners, and signed several new contracts promising to turn into long term fruitful cooperation in the nearest future. 

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