Cargo Insurance

Optional product of our company renders cargo insurance services together with the largest international insurance company AXA Gulf, member of AXA Group rated second insurance company according to and 28th world largest companies according to Forbes Global 2000 for 2010.

We offer you the best insurance product from reliable partner.


Insurance policy developed specially for our customers matches all requirements to today’s insurance products and covers the risks (according to Institute Cargo Clauses Cl252 ICC A)  up to USD 3,000,000 for single shipment.  Cargo insurance covers all stages of transportation commencing from receipt of the cargo in supplier’s warehouse at the origin state until unloading at the destination port. Amount of insurance premium is calculated based on specifics of the coming transportation – type and value of cargo and terms of insurance. 


Cargo insurance is optional and we let you decide yourself. You can:

  1. Choose full insurance cover, i.e. insure the cargo against damage, loss or perishing during loading and unloading works, transportation and warehousing. 
  2. Insure the cargo against perishing 
  3. Not to insure the cargo and save small amount


We know the way to deliver your cargos safely. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend our customers to insure the cargos using full coverage policy. Minimum costs will provide you the maximum protection for your possessions against any accidents.  

 According to international conventions, liability of the carriers is limited to USD 20 for 1 kg regardless the reason of loss. I.e. in case of loss of 500 kg of uninsured cargo with invoiced value USD 500,000 the amount of compensation will compile only USD 10,000, and USD 490,000 will be net loss of the company that refused from cargo insurance. That is why we offer the complex product providing reliable protection for your business.  

Please note, the claims of Delivery World’s customers never been rejected – applying  professional approach to accepted responsibilities we receive insurance compensations even for the most complicated cases, including mistakes in declarations due to customer faults.

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* Delivery World does not provide customs clearance services in Russia. If you require such services, please, refer to Customs Brokers directly.

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