Delivery to Armenia by air

Delivery to Armenia by air - Delivery WorldArmenia has the greatest history and the future also of great promise. The diligence of the inhabitants and the initiatives of the government aimed at increasing investment attractiveness of the country demonstrate positive results, leading Armenia step by step to the notable positions in the world economics. Due to the fact that country is landlocked and does not have any sea ports the main means of cargo transportation to and from Armenia are the aircrafts and the surface transport.

Delivery World is specializing on air freight forwarding to Armenia from the entire world. The singular shipments which we have delivered 5 or 6 years ago now converted to significant freight traffic, the most part of which routed to the international airport Zvartnots of the capital Erevan. The second airport of the country – Gyumri - is still serving only domestic flights.

We deliver to Armenia such goods as consumer electronics and computers, medical equipment and pharmaceutics, cloths, telecom equipment, auto spare parts and consumables, raw materials for food industry etc.

Our experience, wide network of representative offices in all industrial regions of the world, high- qualified operation staff, responsibility and punctuality let us to offer high quality of service with optimum prices.

You can calculate your own estimated cost of transportation of your cargo tariff by Calculator or you can contact us at Nr. +1 718 3128512.

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