Saving Lives: Yellow Fever Vaccine Delivered from Miami to Nicaragua



For many years Delivery World arranges shipments of various medical items and pharmaceuticals all over the world; we deliver both medicines and vaccines. Delivery of such products requires strict observation of unchanged temperature conditions (from 2 to 8°С), and utilization of special refrigerating boxes.

In the beginning of this month we delivered Amarillic Typhus (Yellow Fever) Vaccine from Miami to Nicaragua. It is well known that African and South American states have the highest epidemiological risk of this disease.

Yellow Fever is acute viral hemorrhagic disease transferred by infected mosquitos. It is called yellow due to jaundice developed by some of the patients. The symptoms include fever, headache, jaundice, muscular pain, vomiting, and fatigue.

Minor percent patients infected with the virus develop severe form of disease, and nearly half of them die within 7 to 10 days. Major epidemics occur when infected persons bring the virus to the areas with high density of mosquito population, and low or zero resistance to this disease of majority of the people due to absence of vaccination. This is the condition when the virus is easily transferred by the infected mosquitos from person to person.

Yellow Fever can be prevented by highly effective vaccines. The vaccine is safe and affordable. One shot of vaccine is sufficient to form lifelong immune résistance to the disease. 99% of vaccinated form effective immunity after 30 days from vaccination. Provision of quality support treatment in hospitals increases survival rate. Unfortunately no antiviral treatment is available for Yellow Fever at the moment.

Interesting to know that Yellow Fever is transferred only by specific type of mosquitos, that are easy to recognized by bright white marks on the feet, and same color stripes on the back. Female mosquito having sucked the blood of the infected person becomes infectious afterdays in 30°C , and 20 days at 23°C.

Delivery World has considerable experience in possesses sufficient knowledge in airfreight of medicinal goods and immune and biological substances, and we always follow up all transportation requirements. We make sure that every carriage is always performed in consistency with all transportation requirements, and carefully treat every cargos, as even the smallest parcel can be of life importance for someone.

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