Ideas of the Future: Delivery World Attended World Cargo Symposium in Shanghai


10 to 12 March Shanghai hosted the 9th The World Cargo Symposium 2015, it was for the first time for China to be chosen as the place for its holding. The most important event in airfreight industry is held by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) annually.

The WCS 2015 gathered under one roof airfreight industry leaders from all over the world. The leading experts shared their opinion and gave estimates for the industry's future in the light of the current economic situation in the world. For the years since holding of the last symposium, the airfreight indexes grew up, yet have not reached the 2010 and 2011 levels.

Apart of economic and political influence on airfreight industry according to the expert opinion the customers cause the main influence. This defined the main topic of the WCS 2015 conference – customer service quality improvement.

Three-days program of the conference was full with events. Delivery World's representatives took part in several conferences, seminars, and round tables such as carriage of expiring and dangerous cargos, medical goods, continuing implementation of e-documents, instruments for regional and global development, growing China's presence, and much more. New technologies, trends, and solutions aimed to service improvement and cost reduction were presented on the show's events.

On FACES (Future Air Cargo Executive Summit) the participants of the last year's event shared experience and results achieved during the year. The main part in the speech was given to innovations, in absence of which the airfreight industry cannot develop.

The gala dinner in best Chinese traditions was held in the end of the business program of the second day of the conference. Our experts outline unforgettable environment of event, hospitality, and perfectly arranged entertainment. Such environment was very helpful for new business acquaintances and contacts, that we established on this event.

Air Cargo Innovation Awards ceremony was held on the last day of the WCS 2015. The winner that presented the best ideas for airfreight industry modernization was chosen out of twenty-five competitors presenting their innovation projects.

The international transportation symposium is the most important event in the international airfreight industry. Delivery World takes part in this event every year as this conference provides unique opportunity for cooperation with the leading experts, and allows to be in the center of the latest trends and innovations of the industry. Apart of the knowledge we gained on WCS 2015 we managed to establish multiple business contacts both with potential customers and partners.

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