Knitted Flight: Wool Clothes from Seoul


Human domesticated sheep somewhere between 9000BC and 7000BC they were more hairy than wooly and had to be bred by selection somewhere around 6000BC. First woven wool garments date from 400BC to 300BC. At about the same time woolly-sheep came to Europe from the Near East. In the beginning, wool was plucked from the sheep by hand or by bronze combs. The first shear appeared in the Iron Age. In Roman times, the finest wool came from Tarentum, a coastal city in today’s Puglia, Southern Italy.

In medieval times the wool trade became serious business and whole series of fair, like Champagne, were mainly based on wool trading and economy of whole regions depended on it. Major exporters of raw wool were England and Castile. Wool; trade was so important for England that it imposed special tax laws on wool export and the presiding officer of the House of Lords has sat on the "Woolsack", a chair stuffed with wool which was a symbol of the pre-eminence of the wool trade. After the Restoration fine English wool began to compete with silk on the international market.

Today wool is one of the healthiest and the most popular materials in the world. Its outstanding properties allow producing various types of garments and it is nearly irreplaceable during the cold season.

In the beginning of June Delivery World shipped woolen apparel from Seoul. Our regular customer is completing customs processing of the cargo, and soon the shipped garments will be available for sale at the best outlets at destination.

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