In Vino Veritas: Deliverying Equipment for Wine Plant from Milano


adaef31bed10b39bad22ed4c1389a676.jpgNobody knows how and when wine was discovered. The historians believe that it was discovered by chance about 8,000 years ago. Maybe for that reason it is considered gods’ gift. Ripe grapes after falling from plant can become wine without any additional processing unlike beer or whiskey.

In 3,100 B.C. wine production and trade became important part of society in the Mediterranean, nevertheless the wine considered gods’ gift was designated only for governors and priests. The oldest bottle of wine (dated apx. 326 B.C.) was found in 1867 in Germany.

Real wine prosperity happened in medieval Europe during epidemics of plague. In that time wine was considered safer than water. Centuries after Louis Pasteur studying microorganisms and its influence on food and beverages confirmed this theory, calling wine the most nutritious and hygienic of all drinks.

Cream Eagle Cabernet (1992) is the most expensive wine; bottle of it was sold in 2000 for USD 500,000. Regardless good reviews the experts that such high price was just result of successful auction.

In the end of May Delivery World shipped equipment for wine plant from Milano . As any other production any breakage or malfunctioning of equipment may lead to considerable losses, therefore equipment has to be fast. Obviously such task can be assigned only to the one you trust. Exceptional attention to details and ability to arrange delivery of any cargos within the shortest deadlines, years of smooth work make Delivery World a company to trust.

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