In the Rhythm of the Big City. Watch Winder Boxes by Airfreight


Big city life is endless race against time. Modern citizen of metropolis to catch up with everything has no choice but to distribute his time correctly and to keep it under control. Therefore watches are the main accessory for any business man.

Mechanical watches with automatic movement are the most popular and widely spread among businessmen. Such watches are equipped with special rotor that reacts on hand movement and allows watch body to move automatically and not to stop. Yet, the inconvenience of this constructions appears if one does not wear watch regularly, the watch stop, and this may have negative effect on its future work, accuracy, and it has to be manually adjusted, consuming the precious time in its turn.

Luckily there is a solution for those whose watch may found no use on a shelf. Such solution is special boxes for automatic movement of watch. Compact beautiful boxes are often made of precious wood, sometimes furnished with leather, steel and Hi-Tech materials. The boxes can allocate one or several watches placed inside on special racks; devices with special electric motor are located inside, the motor rotates the racks for automatic movement of watches, including when watches are not in use. These boxes maintain watches in working condition, and watches can be used any time.

Delivery World had recently delivered the precious wood winder boxes for automatic watch movement from Bristol (England) . The customer arranged all customs formalities himself. Soon the boxes will be available for sale, and accessible to buyers.

Delivery World performs international airfreight deliveries and CIS, and guarantees its customers utmost quality and reliable service.

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