Clean Technologies. Delivery World on the Exhibition and Forum “WasteTech 2015”


26 to 28 May the airfreight forwarding company Delivery World took part in the International Exhibition and Conference on Management of Waste, Environmental Safety Technologies and Renewable Energy “WasteTech 2015”. The 9th exhibition was held in the “Crocus Expo”. WasteTech held once in two years is the leading event in environmental safety technologies and utilities infrastructure.

WasteTech covers wide range of problems related to environmental safety equipment and services, such as waste management and recycling, processing waste into energy, water and air safety. WasteTech Forum is held together with the annual exhibition and conference “CityPipe” (Pipeline Systems in Utilities Infrastructure: Construction, Diagnostics, Repair, and Exploitation). WasteTech and CityPipe without a doubt can be recognized as the leading n and CIS shows in this industry. Their scales grow year to year.

This year 248 companies and organizations from 25 countries took part in the shows. Austria, Germany, China, Czech, and (for the first time) Switzerland presented their national pavilions. During three days of the show over 5,034 experts from , its neighboring states and abroad saw its exposition.

As always the International Forum WasteTech is accompanied by the interesting business program which is the complex of conferences, seminars and round tables on institutional issues of environmental safety issues, various technological issues on waste management, and its utilization for energy production, sewage and gas pollution purification. Representatives of Delivery World attended the seminar dedicated to the global and n technologies of several types of waste processing. Within the framework of the show we managed to offer our airfreight services to its visitors and participants. WasteTech 2015 brought Delivery World the new contract for shipment of purification equipment from Switzerland , which will be performed in the next month.

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